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Want to Blow Dry Your Hair? Get Some Ideas for It!

Do you like to blow up your hair? Don’t you know that there are many ideas to get a blow dry hairstyles for natural hair? There are numbers of blow dry hairstyles you can try to cheer up your day. If you are getting bored with current blow dry hairstyles, it doesn’t matter to try another blow dry idea which you like the most.

Different Ideas to Blow Dry for Your Natural Hair

From the entire blow dry hairstyles for natural hair, there are two different blow hairstyles you can try. They are:

Straw set

Like its name, you need a straw to blow dry your hair. By using the straw, it helps you to curl your hair depend on how curly you want for your own hair. If you would like to get curlier, you can use many numbers of straws and so on.

Besides, you are free to choose the point you want to curl your hair, whether you want to curl your hair from the right top, middle, or somewhere. You also can decide to curl your hair in a thin or thick layer.

Bantu Knots

Have you traveled to Africa? Bantu knots are popular blow dry hairstyles in Africa. As you can see on the internet, the African woman usually blows their hair with this style.

To get this style, you need to divide your hair into some sections first. Then, twist a section of your hair one by one. The twisting of your hair will make your hair more curls and stronger, so do it properly. Then, dry the hair up and leave it for a night to get the best result.

From those blow dry hairstyles for natural hair, which one do you prefer the most? The straw one or Bantu one? You just have to choose one of them based on your interest to blow up your hair.