Duties of a Criminal Defense Attorney


Law needs to be followed strictly, and all the duties under it need honesty and corruption free functioning to get the right justice. Criminal defense attorneys have a lot of legal duties of their own. They face the toughest time making their clients win and doing justice to the society at the same time. Some of the duties which a criminal defense attorney should follow are.

Privileged Communications

It is pretty obvious for a criminal defense attorney to receive cases of the accused. They need to maintain priviledge and privacy for the information of their clients. It does not mean that they encourage the accused to commit more crimes, it simple means that they are their clients and according to their oath, they need to maintain the privacy to the information no matter what until, the final hearing of the court.


Zealous Representation

While presenting the case at the court, the attorney needs to be completely focused on winning the case for their clients. They need to take all the necessary and reasonable steps to bring the hearing in favor of their clients. Which is why they need to gather facts, interview witnesses, and review police reports and other documents before addressing the court. Attorneys should always be ready to deal with the arguments from the judges and juries and make every effort to save their clients from extreme sentences.

Conflicts or Interests

Criminal defense attorneys need to make sure that they avoid any conflicts during their court proceedings. When they are representing their clients, there is a great risk involved due to heated arguments which can also leak unnecessary information. A good attorney should try to avoid making things more complicated in case of conflicts and also make sure that the past clients do not create problems in other cases.


Honesty to courts

Criminal defense attorneys face a hard time defending their clients while also respecting the law at the same time. This is because it is their duty to keep law before everything, especially in case of a criminal client. A criminal defense attorney owes a duty of being honest to the judges and juries. They cannot make false statements in the court if they know it is false. They should be as honest as possible while playing it safe for their clients. This requires practice and good communication skills to satisfy both duties. Attorneys can also take reasonable steps for breaking the attoney-client priviledge incase the level of crime is beyong humanity and needs a severe sentence.

Overall the criminal defense lawyers play a very exciting role inside court rooms. They are nothing less than the characters you have seen in the movies. All that drama happens for real inside a court and attorney play their cards right in order to win a case successfully.


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